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Meet our Book

The Great Adventures of Sustainable Margaret
E-Book & Physical Book

Margaret is made of 100% cotton. Her hair is yellow and her eyes are shaped like butterflies. On a dark October morning, Margaret wakes up after a deep sleep. She discovers that the world lies in the shadows of darkness, ruled by a waste monster and his soldiers. Margaret is forced to leave her home to find out what’s happening to the outside world. This extraordinary picture book will take you on a thrilling adventure, through the dark city, across the swamp, and to the island of Dr. Betsy Beet. Discover remarkable creatures as they team up with Margaret to solve the mystery of the waste monster and stop it from destroying the environment. 

Reading level age 7-12


Meet our Characters

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Margaret is smart, strong and independent, but she is also sensitive because she cares about the world. She has hidden superpowers. Her butterfly shaped eyes can fly and she can do tricks with her tie!

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New Station is one of the coolest creatures on the planet. He is helpful and kind, and has an open mind. He is fast, and likes to do tricks on his skateboard.

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Boombox- Birthday gift for kid girl 10 years old

Boombox is kind and sweet. He communicates through his speakers by playing his own composed tunes. He also makes honey glazed pop corn from time to time.

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